Sometimes, it happens you meet people who have been friends for several decades. Such friendships where the friends are as close as siblings don’t happen at the snap of fingers: they are built. Discover the ingredients of those friendships that last.

1- Trust and kept promises

In the first place, it should be noted that trust is at the heart of every relation meant to last ; and friendships that last are no exception.

For instance, in an “always-on” environment, where any market segment is crowded with numerous brands, consumers choose to go for a particular brand — over the others — based on the level of trust that brand inspires them.

Generally, it goes this way: a brand promises something — let’s say key brand / product benefits, whether tangible or not — to the users. Users, then, decide to try that brand expecting [the brand] to deliver on that promise.

If the brand keeps its promise, that new relationship can move a bit further, up to the highest level of that relationship which is loyalty to the brand.

However, if the brand fails to deliver on its promise, the relation just stops there.

As you can see, the buzz of a viral campaign alone doesn’t make a lovemark.

Friendships work quite the same way.

In conclusion, trust and kept promises are some of the key ingredients of the 30-year old friendship between the 5 heroes of Tag movie.

Friendships that last — Tag movie cast: Jon Hamm, Ed Helms walk in line —
Movienuggets — Tag — Friendships that last

2- Opening up to each other

Once trust is laid, it becomes natural to open up to each other.

That’s why, people hardly open up, unless they feel safe ; and you generally feel safe only around people you can trust.

Therefore, if you can hardly keep your mouth shut once you know someone’s secret, that means you still have some aspects to work on, in your friendships.

3- Enjoying each other’s company

Another key ingredient of long-lasting friendships is the fact to enjoy each other’s company.

Laughters can be true evidence that the people engaged in that friendship enjoy each other’s society.

However, things like physical distance, busy daily activities, can be a challenge.

But, thank God, messaging apps and video calls, for instance, are means to shorten the distance between your friends.

You, therefore, have no excuse to let your friendships fade away.

4- Caring for one another and showing it

In relationships, and in particular in friendship, it’s all about giving. In friendships that stand of test of time, the ones care for the others and vice versa. And when they care, they show it. See how giving makes you a superhero.

For instance, it’s refreshing to receive a text message or a phone call from a friend saying: “I just called to check up on you and tell you how blessed I am to have a friend like you. Have a great day!” Yeah, that would put a smile on your face.

If you can feel this way, I can bet your friends would feel the same, receiving such a gesture from you.

Showing attention to your friends proves how much you cherish that relationship.

And, you don’t become vulnerable because you show how much you care about your friends, on the contrary: it’s a sign of [your own] maturity.

Similarly, being quick to apologize when you hurt your friend’s feelings — it can happen — is also a proof you care for your friend. Being a shoulder your friends can shed tears upon when they feel down, is another sign you care about them.

5- Celebrating each other’s successes

Another key ingredient — and not the least — is this one here.

So lemme ask you:

How would you feel if your friend is being really successful in something where you’ve failed? Or your friend just landed an eight-figure deal when you never had the chance to get a six-figure job? Or your friend is getting married, when you’re getting close to your forties and are still single? Honestly, how would you feel?

Being [truly] happy for your friend’s success is one of the surest signs of a genuine friendship especially when he/she has more success in an area of life than you do.

However, if you can’t celebrate your friends achievements, genuinely, then, that means you’ve, somehow, reached your … limit, as far as friendship is concerned.

About the movie

The storyline of Tag: A small group of former classmates organize an elaborate, annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.

  • Directors: Jeff Tomsic (directed by)
  • Writers: Rob McKittrick (screenplay), Mark Steilen (screenplay and screen story by)
  • Stars: Jeremy Renner (Jerry Pierce), Ed Helms (Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy), Jake Johnson (Randy “Chilli” Cilliano), Jon Hamm (Bob Callahan)
  • Total lifetime grosses: $78,130,625 (worldwide) as of September 13, 2018
  • 2 nominations.

Comedy movie, Tag, is available in Blu-Ray & DVD format on Amazon Prime Video.