What Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein have in common? They all are he/sheroes who made our world a better place through … the power of giving.

1- Giving makes you touch others in a meaningful way

In its 2017 “Thank You” campaign, ridesharing company, Lyft, shares the story of Paloma. Paloma is a mother and a [Lyft] driver who saved the life of a man (Billy King) during the Las Vegas shooting, in October 2017.

During the shooting, Billy King is shot once in the back while trying to protect his wife. Paloma drove to the location where the shooting occurred and saw Billy shot by a bullet, surrounded by his family.

She gets them in her car and “drives pass 20 red lights to get them [on time] to the hospital”, Paloma tells. Fortunately, Billy’s life was saved.

Some time later after his recovery, Billy brought a letter in-person to Paloma to say “Thank You” to her who didn’t need to know him before she saves him. Billy referred to Paloma as a “guardian angel” before adding:

“… because of you my children still have a father and my wife still has a husband. You changed our lives…”

Paloma burst into tears. She couldn’t help it.

Paloma had only a car ; but she decided to make her car and herself available to save the life of a man [she didn’t even know] and spare his family from a tragedy.

I was moved watching that video. This, is what Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) does in every Mission: Impossible including M:I-6 Fallout. Yet the only difference is Paloma did it in real life.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) saves blonde woman and special agent (Henry Cavill) — Movienuggets.com
Movienuggets — MI:6 Fallout (2018)

2- Giving helps you do for others what they can’t do for themselves

I believe touching others in a meaningful way occurs every time you do for a person what he/she can’t do for him/herself at any time in life. A person next to you is feeling rejected? Through giving, here’s how you can help the person get over that pain of rejection. A new neighbor on your block? Giving him a warm handshake for instance will surely make him feel he’s welcomed in the community. A colleague looks worried? A good joke and some laughter can help turn things around. A friend’s feeling down? You can be that shoulder to her. Etc.

Though it may cost [you] just a little, yet the results in that person’s life could be tremendous.

Some simple gestures that make a huge difference down the line: that’s the kind of power you put in motion when you give. And because you have that [superpower], you use it “massively”.

3- Giving allows you to develop unimaginable skills or competences

In ancient Palestine, a young shepherd boy, David, came to prominence after choosing to give … big time. One day, David sees Goliath bullying his people while nobody dares to do something to stop him. Being fed up with that picture, David takes on the challenge to whip … the giant’s a**. You know the story … David ends up bringing that big guy down with a single slingshot.

For your record, David had no special competence in slaying giants prior to that day. David’s desire to give caused him to develop this skill almost out of the blue.

Any person would surprise himself developing new skills he ignores, when he starts having a giving-mentality.

Being willing to try to solve a problem will generally push to go to the extra mile and to achieve exploits down the line. Think about french microbiologist Louis Pasteur with his tremendous contribution to the world. Rosa parks, Frida Khalo etc.

Generally, it’s true you may not always know how to solve a particular problem ; but if you’re willing [enough] to solve it, you’ll figure it out.

4- Giving allows you to help others find their way in life

We have countless stories and testimonies of people who found their way in life because they were inspired by someone they considered a role model. It’s easy for a person who gives to be seen as a role model and make the people who look up to him or her say “I want to be like him”. And the interesting thing is your generosity doesn’t have to be happen on tv before it inspires.

Do you want help other their way in life? Start giving. It can be a donation of nature (books, scholarships, funds, volunteering for a cause dear to your heart etc.) Even in friendship, it still works the same way. Giving is one of the secrets of friendships that last. See the rest by following the link.

5- Giving gives you a chance to change the world 

The very stuffs that are [positively] affecting millions of lives today, on a daily basis, services, products, apps, and so forth, were once someone’s personal ideas. The ideas [and the person] had no impact on the external world until that person decided … to give. This explains why TED’s motto is “changing the world, one idea at a time”. Because they believe sharing even just an idea [with others] can help make the world a better place.

CIA’s Sloane (Angela Bassett) gives her share of testimony about Ethan’s generosity:

“I understand now why henley believed in you (…) We need people like you who care about the one life as much as they care about the millions”.

Here’s the truth: “you don’t need mutant-like superpowers to be a superhero”. Though you potentially have superpowers However For most of what’s necessary to achieve exploits and be a blessing to others already lies within you right now.

About the movie

The storyline of Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

“Fallout is not only (easily) the best pure action movie of Summer 2018, it’s also the perfect culmination of the Mission: Impossible films thus far.” — Neil Sloane (Screen Rant)

  • Directors: Christopher McQuarrie (directed by)
  • Writers: Christopher McQuarrie (screenplay), Bruce Geller (based on the television series created by)
  • Stars: Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Henry Cavill (August Walker), Ving Rhames (Luther Stickell), Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn)
  • Total lifetime grosses: $791,017,452 (worldwide) as of October 18, 2018
  • 7 wins & 15 nominations.

You can enjoy Mission: Impossible – Fallout (M:I-6) in BluRay & DVD format, available on Amazon Prime Video. PG-13 Rated.