Movienuggets — Learn from Aquaman success

With Aquaman unprecedented success, DC seems to be setting a new trend for its movies and catching up with Marvel. Here’s how your company can benefit from their spectacle turnaround.

1- Know where you’re at

Before you imagine anything similar to what is happening to DC with Aquaman’s success, it’s key you know where you are at the moment.

As an example, in September 2013, Microsoft acquires Nokia for slightly more than $7 billion. And during a press conference meant to announce their sellout, then-Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, ends up his speech saying:

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

This sad statement undoubtedly shows how the guys at Nokia were sort of “living in a bubble” due to their glorious past, without paying any attention to the market trends and its evolution. Yet Apple started storming the world with the iPhone, 6 years prior to Nokia’s acquisition.

Speaking of knowing where you are, the below chart shows where DC Comics has been — compared to rival Marvel Comics — until Aquaman movie was released this December 2018.

Comparison chart of top earning Marvel vs DC movies (2015-2018) —
Top 7 earning movies — Marvel Comics vs DC Comics — 2015-2018

Conclusion: If you want to turn things around for your benefit, it’s critical to know how you are performing at the moment.

2- Know what your makes your competitor(s) that good

Another thing that Aquaman’s success shows, is that you have to learn from your top competitor(s).

At this point, it’s important you forget about your ego and admit they are doing better than you (and your company), and start learning from them.

There’s no doubt Marvel Comics has been doing really good. See previous chart illustrating point #1 to have an idea for yourself.

And despite their great success, Kevin Feige and his guys at Marvel Comics, are not going to stop anytime soon, looking at Marvel’s upcoming 2019 movies (especially this Avengers: Endgame’s trailer down here).

Avengers: Endgame (2019) — © Marvel Entertainment

3- Listen to your target’s feedback

Aquaman’s success shows DC Comics & Warner Bros have paid close attention to moviegoers feedback and their expectations, and have acted accordingly.

That’s definitely the way to go, whether you are:

  • the leader on your market segment
  • desiring to take over the leader or main competitors
  • struggling and striving not to get out of business.

Moviegoers had, for the most part, “a lot against” DC Comics, for many reasons. In the meantime, Marvel fans were making a mockery of DC Comics movies and their fans for the same reasons. But this time, this seems to have come to an end looking at how Aquaman is performing in movie theaters. (jump to point #5 to read some moviegoers comments).

Believe me, it has nothing to do with Aquaman and Atlantis you’ve been used to in Spongebob.

4- Now get back to [hard] work

Mera & Arthur - Aquaman 2018 movie poster —

While we’re about to wrap up, let’s recap how far we’ve gotten so far:

  • You’ve seen where you really are
  • You’ve now pinpointed what sets your main competitor — or the market leader — apart from the rest (including you)
  • You’ve deciphered customer feedback while looking deeply into your data.

Now it’s time you get back to [hard] work to develop that next killer-product, movie, app (whatever you like) that the customers / users will love, and which will storm the market as a result.

For as far as success is concerned, there’s no shortcut to it.

By the way, these 5 tricks could help you make that great idea happen sooner than you expect.

5- When you’re ready, let the market know you [now] got that killer-product

Shark army soldiers from Aquaman 2018 movie
Aquaman (2018) — © Warner Bros

On this point, I won’t say much about it ; just read the comments of some moviegoers — on YouTube — who went to see Aquaman.

“Who’s here (on the Aquaman’s trailer page on YouTube) after watching Aquaman (the movie)? Best superhero movie this year imo.” J.A.

“Is it normal to love both DC and Marvel??” D.B.

“This movie definitely put Aquaman on the map (…) I had 0 expectations entering the theater, came out with a happy grin. Loved the cast, great movie. Definitely one of the must see movies of the year.” M.

“Just came from this movie. If anybody says Aquaman not worth your coins I say go see for yourself. This movie was phenomenal! That’s all I gotta say.” A.R.

I’ve seen it and … yeah! Aquaman is absolutely amazing. Well done, DC!

About the movie

The storyline of Aquaman – 2018 (ImDB): Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.

Rottentomatoes stats for Aquaman 30 december 2018
© Rottentomatoes
  • Directors: James Wan (directed by)
  • Writers: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (screenplay by), Will Beall (based on the television series created by)
  • Stars: Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry), / Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Willem Dafoe (Vulko), Yahya Abdul Mateen II (Manta)
  • Total grosses: Domestic — $188,785,000$ (25,2%) ; Foreign — $560,000,000 (74,8%) ; Worldwide — $748,785,000 as of December 30, 2018 (Box Office Mojo)

You can still catch up with Aquaman as it shows in theaters. Rated: PG-13