It’s that time of the year again. And because it’s the proper moment to start off right, Thanos has gotten you covered with how to set big and audacious goals … and how to meet them. See how.

1- The bigger the goal, the more exciting it is

Though Thanos is a villain, he has a lot to teach about goal setting … meeting [them]. This guy knows a little rickety scheme wouldn’t take him to the covers of magazines nor to the front pages of the most popular websites. That’s why, he makes sure to come up with a BIG and AUDACIOUS GOAL he will be proud to have pulled off.

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As an example, a friend who’s been in business for about a decade, once said to me:

“Jim, you know what? It takes the same sweat, the same energy and the same time to figure out a solution when you desperately need $100 than when you need $20 million to bliztscale your new venture. So make sure you [always] choose to sweat for the $20 millions.”

What a revelation! And this, is what Thanos does in Avengers: Infinity War by going after the BIG and AUDACIOUS GOAL.

So here’s the deal: you have 12 solid months, 52 full weeks, 365 long days ahead of you ; make sure then to invest them to achieve something you would be proud of this year 2019. Something like a big, audacious and inspiring goal.

But, in case you’re repositioning — yourself or your business — you can learn from DC Comics Aquaman success in order to [dramatically] turn things around.

2- Let your goal be crystal clear

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos mind is not fuzzy about what he wants to accomplish ; he knows exactly what he is after.

So, what a crystal clear goal should look like?

  1. A clear goal is set in specific terms. For instance: “This yearWhich is the same as saying through shrinking from toil and pain.”
  2. It’s something you can assess, or measure. Don’t say stuffs like “I want big this money, this year!” or “Let’s have many new customers”… Put a figure on it, so you’ll know when you are getting close to it.
  3. Your goal should be realistic, achievable, otherwise you may end up discouraged by not reaching it.
  4. Let that goal be something which is relevant, something worth the money, time effort to be spent trying to achieve that goal.
  5. That goal is time-tethered, not strolling in zero gravity.

And, please, don’t let your “goal” be somewhere on your mind: write it down on paper or type it. Let it be before your eyes. These are some ideas to have your goal of the year constantly before you:

  • Display it as wallpaper on your Smartphone
  • Have it as screensaver on your laptop / desktop
  • Print it and pin it onto your idea board
  • Handwrite it in your note / sketchbook.

Once you clear this part, speak it out loud as often as you can. The benefit of doing so will be to have that goal permeate your inner self, meaning your subconscious mind. Since 95% of our brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness, neuroscientists reveal.

3- Break that goal down into “chewable” bits

Now that you’ve got an audacious goal that inspires you, the next step is to have an action plan which stems from your goal. To put it in another way, you can’t swallow an elephant whole at lunch, unless you chop it a small bites. By the way, no animal was harmed in this illustration.

For instance, here’s a draft of action plan if you want to secure a $10 millions funding for your next E-commerce venture:

  • Key action #1: Bootstrap the prototype of the B2C E-commerce website in within 45 days
  • – Tasks: Write the project outline ; define my Unique Selling Proposition ; get an initial web hosting plus an amazing domain ; work on the website development ; etc.
  • Key action #2: Test the initial product on a niche market for a 30-days period
  • Key action #3: Process users / customers feedback and adjust prototype if necessary
  • Key action #4: Grow the user / customer base to 2000 individuals within the next 60 days
  • Key action #4: Pitch the E-commerce idea to a VC firm to net a $10 million fund deal within the next 3 months.

As shown above, every one of the key actions is, in fact, a goal in itself, which is in accord with your BIG and AUDACIOUS goal.

However, though plans can be adjusted, planning remains critical for your success. And, for your record, Thanos didn’t skip that part either.

4- Don’t wait too long before you take action

Before I start, lemme ask you: when is it the best time to shape a bar of steel into something you desire? When the steel is blazing hot? Or when it’s hard cold? Of course, you already know the answer.

In like manner, because every beginning of the year — or every new cool idea — gets people motivated, be quick to action while you still have that motivation around.

In addition, there’s a marvelous truth in fundamental physics, which says you can hardly determine the actual position of an object that moves [very] fast. For this reason, Thanos was able to take the Avengers and their allies by surprise: because he was progressing so fast. So don’t waste time overthinking.

Moreover, those who take action — as soon as they’ve defined the action plan for their project — are [more] likely to complete it.

However, if it happens that things get somehow tough along the way, being resilient can still help you land your goals no matter what.

5- Celebrate every success without losing track of the finish line

As we’re wrapping up, remember to celebrate every key step you accomplish successfully. For, every accomplishment towards your [overarching] goal will keep you energized, motivated for the rest of your journey.

Good luck with your BIG AND AUDACIOUS GOAL of the year!

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