Monday, October 21, 2019
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Friendships that last. Tag movie poster with top cast on red background.
Sometimes, it happens you meet people who have been friends for several decades. Discover the ingredients that help build such long-lasting friendships. — Superhero through giving (Ethan Hunt jumps) — M:I-6 Fallout
Your ideas and the person you are, will have no impact on the world until you start … giving. Discover the other superpowers… — Deadpool helps a friend get over rejection
Your friend's hurt, for the pain of rejection is as vivid as a physical pain, MRI studies show. Here are 5 simple yet effective ways to help him cope with it.
Hiro Hamada and the Big Hero 6 team geeking in lab
Creativity is critical to the success of any individual or organization. So how do you make ideas happen when you're stuck? Discover here 5 tricks to get your creativity boosted.
Matt Damon stars as astronaut Watney in The martian —
Astronaut Mark Watney delivers powerful secrets about peak performance, and why resilience can help you achieve great results. — Art3mis & Parzival, in love - Ready Player One movie.
Everyone, in life, deserves to be happy. Although the pursuit of happiness could take a whole life, these little tips help you live a happier life today.
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